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Know Your Local Collective Agreement

ETFO’s listing of Occasional Teacher locals provides contact information as well as website links where available. This is where the answers to many employment-related questions can typically be found; answer will vary depending on your local agreement. The best thing a member can do to ensure that her or his negotiated rights are being upheld is to read the agreement and consider the implications. Members are encouraged to contact their local for clarification and/or assistance if they think that their rights are being violated by any party, including other members, administrators, or members of other unions.

Know Your Local Collective Agreement

Your collective agreement: What’s in it and why should you care?

Teaching is one of the most highly regulated occupations in the province, governed by dozens of statutes, regulations, and guidelines put in place to protect students. Your collective agreement provides details about your rights, entitlements, and protections against arbitrary treatment. Take the time to know this important document: it’s your responsibility as a union member to abide by this!

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